Quality Assurance

Here at Innevape E-Liquids our mission is to produce nothing short of the finest e-liquids on the market. In that ongoing effort we maintain an ISO Class 7 clean room lab and have our liquids tested on a regular basis.

The following results are from the last test we had completed in April, 2015. As a result of this test we have taken two steps to insure the quality and safety of our liquids.

1. We have switched to all diacetyl free ingredients and spent the past 6 months reformulating the flavors that might present an issue – Creams, custards, vanillas, etc. to get them perfected so they taste as good or better than before.

2. Liquid 2 on the list ‘Vulcan Blood’ was one liquid that we unfortunately could not get up to our standards using the new ingredients, therefore it has been discontinued.


Liquid Listing:

Liquid 1 – Heisenberg

Liquid 2 – Vulcan Blood

Liquid 3 – General Custard

Liquid 4 – Mocha Javape

Liquid 5 – Carousel

Liquid 6 – Scarlett Kiss

Liquid 7 – TNT (The Next Tobacco)

We have sent all of our liquids with the new formulas in place to be re-tested and those results will be posted here as soon as they are available. Thank You and Live Long Vapor™







Innevape has again received their Cleanroom Facility Certificate of Performance for their E-liquid Manufacturing Facility.